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Behind The Lips: Hannah, Production Coordinator


Describe your job in 5 words?

Fast-paced & putting out fires.


How did you end up working in Production?

I started out working in design in a small studio. I found my self-working more and more on the production and development team and here I am as Production Coordinator at Lulu Guinness.


What is the best thing about working at Lulu Guinness?

The people! Working in a fun environment with friends and a team that bring such great ideas to life.


What is your favourite bag from the SS17 collection and why?

I am a “backpack warrior” so Joanna Backpack is definitely my favourite, and the Coral Joanna Cross Cody is perfect for going out!

What piece of advice would you pass onto someone looking at a career in Production?

I went to a university where we had a “sandwich year” and it was the most amazing year. I met and worked with some incredible people and learnt so much. It gives you great exposure to the industry too.


What is your favourite thing to do out of the office?

Espresso martinis!

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