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Behind The Lips: Linda, Finance


Describe your job in 5 words?

Mathematical, interesting, varied, fast paced & fun! (yes fun, even as an Accountant)


How did you end up working in Finance?

I did a degree in Business and Accounting. When I finished, I then did my accounting training in practice as an accountant and auditor. When I completed my 3 years training and passed my professional exams I went into industry. I was working for a leasing company in which I got great experience. However, I wanted to work in an industry I had a passion for. I’m originally from Dublin so I decided to resign and move to London to pursue my dream of working in fashion. This brought me to Lulu.


What is the best thing about working at Lulu Guinness?

The people, who are all very passionate about the brand and makes working here such a friendly, social and down to earth environment which allows you to be yourself.


What is your favourite bag from the SS17 collection and why?

The Olivia Wink Clutch – I love this bag because it’s very glam yet distinctive and playful. The colours and style allow you to pair it with any night or event outfit.


What piece of advice would you pass onto someone looking at a career in Finance?

It’s a tough road, but hard work determination will help you obtain a qualification that can provide endless opportunities and rewards in numerous industries, even one that you have a passion for. Don’t give up!


What is your favourite thing to do out of the office?

I love live gigs, holidays and a good box set on Netflix.

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