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The Hidden Beauty of Kranji garden

Lulu loves… The Chelsea Flower Show

With our Ellis Street store in full bloom as part of Chelsea in Bloom, and our floristry-inspired Culture Cloud events taking place tomorrow and Thursday, we couldn’t resist popping down to the Chelsea Flower Show to get up close and personal with this year’s captivating displays. The sheer amount of exhibits was overwhelming, but we […]

LULU LOVES…Chelsea in Bloom

A spell has been cast on the Ellis Street store as bewitched buds and flowers, in our signature SS15 Milan Weave print colours of yellow, pink and blue, come to life and wind around the windows to create an enchanting mirror glimpsing into another world. Within the floral framed magical reflection the classic fairytale heroine […]


Lulu loves…Nordic Yulefest

This December ditch the busy crowds of Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland in favour of the real thing at Nordic Yulefest…


Lulu’s Lip Muses!

With 25 years under her belt Lulu looks back on some of her favourite pouts of all time…