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Devore Collection: Discover the story…



This season’s distinctive Devore collection features our ever-present lips motif reimagined in an original lips rose graphic.

The brand’s design team explored the relationship between lipstick blots and petals, and found both to be soft, fragile and feminine, resulting in this unique detailing.

The unique and unusual Devore technique, popular in couture fashion, embellishes five Lulu Guinness products for AW15. A silk-based fabric is burnt away to leave the patterned velvet detailing.



We sat down with our design team, Creative Manager Zoe Camilleri and Design Manager Ruthie Egan, to find out a bit more about the unusual process and the print that it creates. Zoe said of the print: “It looks and feels luxurious and is very tactile. It’s a fabric that you want to stroke and feel, thanks to the undulating lines of the soft raised areas of pattern that the Devore technique creates.”

When asked about the benefits or ‘pros’ of the technique Ruthie said: “The Devore process alters the structure, weight and drape of the velvet fabric to create a pattern that is “burned” into the velvet, thus creating an extremely individual and unique fabric structure to us.”

Zoe added the fabric has a paint-like and sculptural quality that becomes, sculptural quality that ultimately makes the handbags become a piece of art.