Lulu Loves

Lulu Loves

Happy Year of the Monkey



Embrace radiant red to celebrate this Chinese New Year.

The colour red has long been synonymous with our handbags and accessories: It’s Lulu’s favourite lipstick and nail varnish colour and is part of the brand’s DNA.

Trust in our handbags and accessories to carry you through the Lunar Year, and the Year of the Monkey.

We couldn’t be happier the Year of the Monkey has arrived as it best describes the brand’s zest for life and playful nature.

People born in the Year of the Monkey are said to be witty, intelligent, and have a magnetic personality. They are mischievous and curious and have a thirst for adventure.

Take a look at our Chinese New Year edit below and get some red inspiration.


50118762 Small Rita Red (2)

Small Rita

50119875 Rubber Lips Clutch Red

Red Rubber Lips Clutch


Red Mini Izzy

50118748Large Rita Red

Large Rita

50118373 Mini Daphne Red

Red Smooth Leather Mini Daphne