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Name: Harriet Dallow

Job Title: Junior Designer

How did you land your job here at LGHQ? I was pretty lucky actually and was headhunted by a recruiter on Linkedin. Two interviews and a project later here I am!

What’s the best thing about your job? Apart from the obvious (access to many LG bags!) Lulu Guinness is a brand that allows you to have a lot of freedom creatively, so you can be much more experimental.

Sum up your style in three words…Basics with an edge.

Which Lulu bag can’t you live without and why? Well the emerald Dolores is my perfect daytime tote, the leather feels dreamy and it fits all my clutter in. The colour also reminds me of the Batman villain Poison Ivy, who I have a slight obsession with.

Which celebrity best captures the Lulu brand essence for you? Dita Von Teese. She’s glamourous, sophisticated and a little bit mischievous!

Finally, a weird and wonderful fact about yourself…When I was a child I refused to wear any item of clothing that wasn’t red for nearly a week. My poor mother.