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Each week we’ll be getting up close and personal with a member of the Lulu Guinness Head Office Team. This week Hannah reveals all…

Name: Hannah Schryer

Job Title: Assistant Merchandiser

How did you land your job here at LGHQ? As soon as I’d finished my degree in Art History and French I knew I wanted to work in fashion. I’d worked in retail throughout my time at school and university, but decided I wanted to move from the shop floor in to head office. I’ve worked my way up from an allocator position at other brands and have been at Lulu since January.

What’s the best thing about your job? I love working in a small team as you get exposed to so many different things and my day-to-day role is really varied, which keeps things interesting!  Being surrounded by beautiful bags all day is also pretty great.

Sum up your style in three words… Colour, details and I love a stripy Breton top, which, coincidentally Lulu bags always look good with.

Which Lulu bag can’t you live without and why? The Leopard Print Izzy is my must have bag for AW13. It’s so eye catching and its size makes it a great day bag. It’s also really versatile; just remove the detachable shoulder strap and you have yourself a clutch for the evening!

Which celebrity best captures the Lulu brand essence for you? Helena Bonham Carter, her wit and individuality sums up the brand for me.

Finally, a weird and wonderful fact about yourself… I am a trained bra fitter; a useful skill I learnt from my Saturday job when at school!