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Lulu Guinness Minnie Mouse Collaboration

Lulu has interpreted Minnie’s signature bows and trademark polka dots and has created a unique bag in two sizes — large and ‘Minnie’.

Lulu Guinness’ two bags were unveiled at London Fashion Week along with a number of international designers including; Giles; Richard Nicoll and Meadham Kirchhoff, who have also created Minnie Mouse inspired accessories and garments. The one off designs were auctioned together on eBay to support the BFC/ Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation.

Lulu Guinness herself has long sited Minnie Mouse as one of her influences, indeed the Lulu Guinness Cruise 12 collection features a range of Polka Dot bags and accessories. The one off Minnie Mouse bags have been designed as a pair, the larger being for day and the smaller for the evening. Both bags were hand made in England.

Lulu Guinness, ‘I wanted to use Minnie Mouse’s iconic face, signature bows and polka dots to create a truly unique bag which is both playful and stylish and really brings Minnie Mouse to life.’