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The  SS14 collection sees the traditional sweetshop brought to life with a fresh and modern twist. From the traditional humbug, to the luminescent hard boiled sweet, childhood favourites are given a new lease of life in the shape of bright and bold bags. In celebration we’ve teamed up with sweet connoisseurs Spun Candy whose innovative designs and fresh approach to confectionary creation perfectly capture Lulu’s approach to accessory design.

Spun Candy

Available in three taste bud tantalising flavour mixes, each mix of hard boiled sweets was named by Lulu herself, taking in to account her mischievous nature.  These lip-smacking treats will be available for a limited time in store and online at and from Spun Candy London stand alone stores from 2nd April 2014.


Lick ‘n’ Mix:  a mouth-watering combination of fruity flavours; cherry, lemon and watermelon.

Spun Candy


Lips Mix: a fresh and fragrant mix of apple, lime and grapefruit flavours.

Spun Candy


Lulu’s Mix: a totally tropical trio of passion fruit, coconut and lime, combined with orange and cola.

Spun Candy