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Lulu Loves

What’s New…Allen Jones

This week we popped by the Royal Academy of Arts to check out the Allen Jones exhibition and to view his masterful works in flesh…

As Seen On: Beyonce

I was beyond excited to see Beyonce carrying my 25th Anniversary silver Perspex lips clutch!

What’s New…The Paddington Trail

This week saw the unveiling of 50 Paddington Bears, designed by the likes of David Beckham, Boris Johnson, Emma Watson and Lulu herself, all in the name of charity…

What’s New…Women, Fashion, Power

Women, Fashion, Power at London’s Design Museum celebrates the journey of how women have used fashion to pave their paths in the world…

DUBAI: Lulu needs you!

Dubai…WIN a limited edition mirrored silver Perspex lips clutch and help celebrate my 25th anniversary by uploading a picture of your lips to Instagram!