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What’s New…Return of the Rudeboy

Don’t be fooled by the name! GQ describes it as ‘London’s most stylish new exhibition’, this summer Somerset House presents Return of the Rudeboy; an exhibition of photography and installations featuring some of the UK’s most dapper and well dressed men. Created and curated by filmmaker Dean Chalkley and creative director Harris Elliot, the exhibition promises to be an ‘immersive experience of visuals and sounds’ with every photographed subject featured having submitted their own playlist. Each playlist has then been combined with the curators’ choices create the soundtrack of the exhibition.

We’d definitely recommend you pop by and take a look if you’re in the area, if not for the impressive array of suitable stylish men then at least to get some inspiration for the next laborious shopping trip with your boyfriend / husband / brother / dad! For further information click here. LGHQx