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The Lulu Diaries – Day 1


Ever wondered what a week in the life of Lulu would be like? Over the next four days we’ll be sharing some of her very own diary entries with you, giving you an insight in to the wonderful world of Lulu Guinness. Enjoy! LGHQx

Monday August 19th 2013

This morning I wake up in Gloucestershire, where I have been spending the weekend. Looking out of the window there is beautiful sunshine and a glorious view of Swift’s Hill. Although all is peaceful, I still feel the familiar Monday-morning anxiety as my to-do list for the week rushes into my head. I’ve never been good at making the transition from weekend to working week, and Monday has never been my favourite day.

I linger over thoughts of the weekend. On Saturday night I went to Giffords Circus on Minchinhampton Common. I had met Nell Gifford, the creator of this magical travelling show, when we both spoke at Anthropologie on Regent Street. The event was for the Hub Dot, which aims to bring women in business together face-to-face rather than always being behind a computer screen. The circus show was fabulous – a mixture of extraordinary skill, comedy, opera singing and magic that looked as though it had come out of an English eccentric-themed fashion shoot. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

Even though they were on their third show of the day, Nell and her husband, Toti, greeted us in the interval. The rain was pouring down as we all huddled under a canopy outside their trailer and met performers from this unique show. I would love to do some sort of collaboration with them. My marketing team is going to visit them when they arrive in Marlborough or Cirencester, so we will see…

Soon I am on the road to London, looking forward to seeing my daughters, who are arriving back from holiday. August is a very busy time for business (last Friday was our factory deadline for designing autumn/winter 2014; I am delighted with the collection, which will launch for our 25th anniversary next year), so I went on holiday in July.

Today I make the usual round of phone calls and emails to the office. Although my diary is planned for the week, I always have new thoughts over the weekend, so when I catch up with all the departments, I totally disrupt the order of everything!

In the office there are so many things going on, and I have lots of ideas I need to bounce off my COO, who is just back from holiday. Today is bittersweet, as we’ve had a particularly good result on my latest QVC appearance, but the ceiling has fallen in at our shop at the Royal Exchange.

Later, my house fills up with my daughters’ friends, who are all excited to see one another after their holiday. They are very brown, jet-lagged and full of funny stories. We have a big kitchen table where they all sit chatting, and I’m happy when they decide to stay over on the sofas. I gave up long ago on the idea of a “designer” house. I love talking to them, learning about their hopes and dreams, social-media habits and how they shop. Fashion is for people who love new ideas; the way we all shop is changing so fast and I find it thrilling.

I go to bed early, looking forward to tomorrow.


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