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The Lulu Diaries – Day 2


Day two of Lulu’s diary and it’s all about celebrity gossip and the Great British Bake Off.

Tuesday August 20th 2013

Of all the days in the week, Tuesday is the one when I talk the most. I arrive at my office at 9.30am and my PA Sam brings me coffee, extra strong. I then proceed to drive everyone crazy by ignoring the order of my scheduled internal meetings with various departments, and instead launching into a discussion of all the ideas I had over the weekend.

My design team has come up with such wonderful cosmetic-based prints that I feel we should do a whole collection, and maybe even include our own lipsticks and compacts. I want everyone to see this idea, so I gather the sales and finance teams (and anyone else I need to back the idea) into my office. Here, pinboards are everywhere – tacked on to and stacked up against the walls. I need to be surrounded by visuals at all times. Luckily, everyone is as enthusiastic about the idea as I am.

Poor Fran, my head of marketing and PR, gets pulled out of her meeting about the Lulu diffusion line to join the group in my office. We then continue to talk about other aspects of the business till way past lunchtime. Finally, we break at about 2.30pm, before we all faint with hunger.

Just as everyone leaves, Annabel, vice president of the diffusion line, comes in and excitedly tells me that the line is selling out in Mexico – on pre-order before it has even arrived. Shortly after, I go over new samples with the design team, including some watch ones that have just arrived in the office. The watch with the Marciela doll face on it is the clear favourite. Next I take a look at the fabulous new lifestyle photography for our website and speak with QVC on the phone to warn them I am bringing a lot of new ideas to our next meeting.

Catching up with Cesca, my social media editor, I am shown a hysterical photo of Kourtney Kardashian. She is holding our red lips clutch while kissing her boyfriend, but over his shoulder is a grinning Kris Jenner – which I’m sure my daughters would say is a great photobomb. Then we all proceed to discuss the extraordinary phenomenon that is the Kardashian family business. I also hear that reality TV star Millie Mackintosh was spotted with a lips clutch at her hen night and BBC Radio 1 DJ Jameela Jamil wore the Dial M for Murder bag to the V Festival at the weekend. Jameela is a huge fan of our bags and also DJed at our Paint Project launch party last month.

In the evening I come home to a house full of people. Eventually, my eldest daughter Tara and I sneak off to watch The Great British Bake Off. There is an excruciating moment when one contestant, Toby, puts salt in his cake instead of sugar. Those poor people. Most are so nervous they end up cutting their fingers and bandaging them up with blue plasters – a complete blood bath.


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