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Weekend 101

Weekend 101: Carsten Höller: Decision

Carsten Höller’s latest offering Decision is a roller coaster ride of mind-bending sculptural art and thought-provoking audio and visual installations, with a helter-skelter slide thrown in for good measure.

Photo by Linda Nylind

From the moment you arrive at the unique exhibition you are forced to make your first decision: door number one, or door number two?
Door one provides a safe passage to the beginning of your surreal journey, while door two thrusts you into a corridor of darkness and self-discovery.

Photo by Linda Nylind

Once inside, the gallery is laden with bizarre gadgets and installations, all of which the artist hopes will ‘induce hallucinations, in the widest sense’. From heavy-bellied rubber snakes, to a giant die you can climb inside – there are spectacles aplenty.

But the real exhibition highlights are the interactive elements, such as the upside-down goggles, the flying machine, and of course the slide.

Photograph by David Levene

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