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London Fashion Week

A Very Lulu Fashion Week

It’s always fashion week somewhere in the world, but we’re bringing it back to London this month, the birthplace of the coolest style (not that we’re biased). From the must-have pieces to be seen carrying, our blogger celebration to kick off London Fashion Week, and top-tips for surviving fashion month – this is the only page you’ll need to be bookmarking for the duration.

The Low Down With Hannah Teare

In celebration of London Fashion Week we caught up with stylist Hannah Teare to talk fashion week essentials, as well as learn more about the secrets behind her styling of our AW17 campaign.

Hannah Teare is a celebrated stylist, styling editorials across Vogue, Vanity Fair & Glamour, alongside having previous worked at Tatler & Conde Nast. Her style is distinctly Hannah and she always captures a modern elegance which is perfectly in line with the world of Lulu Guinness.

  • London Fashion Week London Fashion Week

    Is your styling work an extension of how you’d like to dress or just escapism into a dream world?

    It’s a bit of both. I would love to dress in the pieces I style for shoots, sadly it’s not always practical. It would be pretty hard to wear a Couture gown on the metro, or 5 inch heels if I was shooting in a forest! I think there is an element of my personality in every one of the projects I put together be it a 70s Glamazon or a denim Tomboy.

    In the past you’ve said you’re a magpie when it comes to your styling approach – is this still true, and did it affect your work on the AW17 campaign?

    Yes, it is still true. I love to search for pieces that add something extra to a story. In my travels or when putting together a shoot I can land upon something which gives a huge rush of inspiration – say for example an unusual piece of jewelry or accessory and it can shift the whole balance of the shoot or character that I am building.

    What is one rule or styling tip you live by?

    It is better to be overdressed than underdressed. What advice would you give to any woman of any age on dressing "age appropriately"? There are no rules. Most importantly, wear what makes you feel good, confidence in your skin and what you are wearing is the best. As I move along in life I find that spending a little more on tailoring and focusing on the cut of things (whether they are designer or high street) goes a long way.

    Any styling no-nos?

    Uggs and Crocs. Their only redeeming factors are comfort and I have no doubt you can find equal comfort in far more stylish pieces.

    London Fashion Week
  • London Fashion Week

    How did you approach the overall brief for our AW17 campaign?

    From my first meeting with Lulu if felt the emphasis was very much on personality and fun. The pieces for the new collection are so elegant and characterful I wanted to enhance these with pieces that would add personality to the images we would create. I knew we would be working with mixed ages and I wanted to ensure that I worked outside of any age-old clichés. The Lulu Woman is every age and has all manner of styles.

    What are the stand-out pieces to you from Lulu Guinness’ AW17 collection?

    For the garments, I loved the White shirt with Bow Tie and all the Calugi Print pieces particularly the Darcy Shirt Dress and the grey Sami Sweatshirt.

    For the bags – the Lavinia Clutch in Latte is a fun and beautiful play on a classic. Likewise the Valentina is fabulous and the cross body bags are both brilliantly functional and elegant.

    The silver Daphne Dog Clutch needs no introduction – it is the statement bag of the season, followed closely by the new larger Lips Clutches. For shoes the Gold Alexis Courts would add brilliance to any outfit, I love the chic grey of the Billie Courts and both boots are really strong – the Bardot for a more classic line with an elegant twist and the Ruthies have a tomboy element to them which I love.

    How important is it for you to dress for body shape – or do you feel it shouldn’t matter?

    Personally, I really look at body shape when I am dressing woman however the most important thing is how a woman feels in what she is wearing. Generally flattering a woman’s shape is a sure way to build confidence and ensure they look fabulous however some of the most amazing women I know or see in the press can override such choices with a lust for life and a sure fired choice of what they have put on.

    London Fashion Week London Fashion Week

Style It Out

The ultimate in #HowDoYouLulu moments to inspire you throughout fashion month.

Time For Tea

We celebrated the launch of our first ready-to-wear collection, and the start of LFW, at the Dandelyan Bar, in the Mondrian Hotel, London, with a blogger tea complete with a Lulu-spin. See what happened below with Shirley B Enaing, Megan Ellaby, Jordan and Loie Collyer and more…