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Flora Hely Hutchinson

FHH acs is a new brand of luxury accessories from designer Flora Hely Hutchinson.
Having honed her skills working for various quintessentially British brands, Flora decided
it was time to work on her own line, believing there is a call for truly idiosyncratic
Made In England accessories.

All manufacture for FHH accessories is done in England and all materials, where possible,
are sourced from the UK. Thus the pieces are produced in small numbers with attention to detail
and a high quality of craftsmanship.

Not solely an anglophile, Flora draws inspiration from a vast array of sources and distills
these interests into her designs. Yet a clean, modern aesthetic with pinches of nostalgia and
playfulness imbue FHH accessories with an originality that is also classically English.

The first FHH collection of charm necklaces is an ode to finding beauty in the everyday. Three
functional and seemingly mundane objects – the matchstick, the pencil, the birthday candle – are
recreated in the most precious of materials so that they become entirely decorative. These pieces,
evocative of an era fast disappearing, are designed to be worn, treasured and collected.