Lulu Guinness

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Angus Thirwall, owner and founder of Hotel Chocolat, put this simply when he said his company ‘work to bring chocolate alive in terms of look and colours’. And they certainly do bring the colour. With lime green, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow to name but a few hues present in their chocolates - and not forgetting smooth and rich brown - their trays of sweet treats could easily be mistaken for a painter’s colour palette at first glance. Lulu no doubt had this in mind when designing her collectable ‘Chocolate Box’, which featured a selection of colourful faux fancies and satin wrappers. The appearance of a detailed chocolate is a beautiful decoration or embellishment in itself, as this entertaining and elegant novelty bag proved.

While some mimic the look and feel of chocolate as Lulu did for her former collection, others use the substance to make their dreams a reality; often using it to make create extraordinary sculptures, statements, or images.

With its warm shades, smooth texture and malleable nature, the ingredient is a creative’s dream, which has paved the way for countless out-of-this-world creations.

One fashion house relied on the versatility of chocolate to make a sugar-sweet impact at New York fashion week back in 2014. For their fall fashion show, Opening Ceremony demonstrated the epitome of haute cocoa by having liquid chocolate running down the wall adjacent to the runway (pictured at top of page).

Elsewhere, the respected chocolate fashion show at the Salon du Chocolat exhibition takes cocoa on the catwalk itself, with models wearing delicate chocoate creations as they parade past the front rows (pictured right) - adding a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘looking good enough to eat’.

Photo credits: Getty – – – Style Bugs – Rankin – Ricardo Andre – Hotel Chocolat – Iona Blackshaw