Lulu Guinness

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On the Road

She may take a backseat in terms of character development in Jack Kerouac’s influential novel, but LuAnne Henderson is arguably the reason the author’s sprawling American road trip happened in the first place.The object of both Kerouac and fellow road tripper Neal Cassady’s affections, she originally introduced the men to one another. Fun, sexy, vivid and progressive for her time, we’d give her a classy yet seductive garnet red small Izzy to take on her travels.



The Great Gatsby

At the beginning of F Scott Fitzgerald’s era-defining novel, Daisy is presented as a naive vision of innocence and purity, worthy of Gatsby’s unadulterated attention and devotion. However as the novel progresses, Daisy’s true colours surface and we discover a completely different side to her – proving not everything is what it seems.With this in mind we imagine Daisy would best suit our thorn Chloe clutch; embroidered with the saying ‘Life is a bed of roses, but watch out for the thorns.’ The gold-edged art-deco of the bag would also perfectly suit Gatsby’s flamboyant parties and the fashion of the novel.




The leading lady of this year’s breakout fashion novel, Imogen Tate, is a legendary editor-in-chief of fashion powerhouse Glossy magazine, who gets temporarily usurped by an up-and-coming digital guru. Her character has years of experience and built unshakable relationships with fashion’s elite; stylish and chic, we see her wearing our medium red polished calf Daphne. Sleek, sophisticated, and with a luxurious feel, this bag is Imogen personified.


Image credits: Penguin Books – Penguin Random House – Photography Stefan Sieler – Paramount Pictures - Photographer Rosie Hardy