Lulu Guinness

From Disney to dog bowls, the brand has years of experience in dabbling with collaborations.
Here are our top six:

  • KRISTJANA S WILLIAMS The collaboration with Kristjana S Williams is for the SS17 collection. The Icelandic designer worked closely with Lulu to create two prints which adorn several handbag styles. Both designers have similar reference points and are both enchanted by the combinations of hands, hearts, roses and gems and worked together to create patterns that encompassed all of these elements. Shop Now
  • VASELINE Our Vaseline collaboration saw our Lulu Doll Face design put on a tin to become the Handbag BFF, marking our first ever cosmetic beauty collaboration. Lulu said: "I adore her – she's a cartoon version of me," adding: "You can use her on a lot of things, the reason we haven't got a tint is because it’s so you can slick your eyebrows, put it on your cuticles and things like that." Shop Now
  • DAPHNE’S DOG BOWL The brand embarked on a collaboration with Daphne’s in Chelsea last Summer to celebrate small dogs being allowed to dine with their owners in the restaurant for the first time ever – creating a super cute dog bowl. The design, featuring a cameo of Lulu’s dog Daphne is set on a backdrop of the soft teal hues of the restaurant – with a signature Lulu lip on the bottom of the bowl. Shop Now
  • AUTOGRAPHER This innovative bag was inspired by the Archive Eyes design from the AW14 collection and saw the brand partner with Autographer, an early pioneer in the wearable camera market, to collaborate on a Lulu version of the world’s first intelligent wearable camera. Several influencers launched the camera, including Ewa Wilczynski and Laura Pradelska. Explore More
  • IMPOSSIBLE POLAROID CAMERA AND FILM To celebrate 25 years in the fashion industry Lulu chose to partner with Impossible for the 'Lulu Perspective'. The collaboration allowed her to incorporate her love of photography with her love of art and design. The company were responsible for breathing a new lease of life into analog instant photography after purchasing the last factory left in the world that manufactured Polaroid instant film. Lulu Guinness collaborated with them on a limited edition Impossible Silver Polaroid SX-70 Camera and Impossible Instant Color Film with a Lulu Guinness edition frame. Read More
  • LFW MINNIE MOUSE We created two tags based on the famous Disney character for London Fashion Week a few years ago. Lulu interpreted Minnie's signature bows and trademark polka dots to create the unique bags in two sizes – large and 'Minnie'. They were then auctioned together on eBay to support the BFC/Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation. Lulu counts Minnie Mouse as one of her in uences and said: 'I wanted to use Minnie Mouse’s iconic face, signature bows and polka dots to create a truly unique bag which is both playful and stylish and really brings Minnie Mouse to life.' Read More