Lulu Guinness

  • But which came first, fashion or art? It’s hard to say - as two forms of expression, art and fashion have long complemented each other greatly. The relationship between the two has led to some of the most stimulating collaborations and sparked thousands of creative possibilities. One of our favorite art and fashion collaborations is that of famous surrealist Salvador Dali and French couture designer Elsa Schiaparelli – a longtime hero of Lulu’s. The pair teamed up on dozens of pioneering fashion pieces, some of which went on to inspire Lulu herself. The lobster dress is one of their most famous collaborations and was modelled by Wallis Simpson in Vogue in a pictorial shot by Cecil Beaton in 1937. Dali drew the red crustacean illustration especially for the dress. Lulu was so inspired by this that she created the Lobster Dress handbag, showing the longevity of the collaboration and how Schiaparelli and Dali in turn motivated further creative lightbulb moments.
  • The pair blurred the lines between fashion and surrealism yet again with the Shoe Hat and the Tears dress - items which wouldn’t seem out of the norm now or out of place in Lady Gaga’s wardrobe - however at the time they were extremely provocative.
  • Iconic fashion and art collaborations don’t stop there – who can forget Yves Sant Laurent and Mondrian’s block colour dress that took the 60s by storm?
  • Flash forward to today, and we are proud to be keeping the synergy between art and fashion alive, especially with our current collaboration as part of our SS17 collection that features beautiful hand-drawn designs by renowned illustrator and artist Kristjana S Williams, whose inspiration stems from 'the symmetry in all things living'.