Lulu Guinness

  • When we thought of the idea of ‘the art of expression’ our minds jumped to those things that help us express ourselves – the way you dress, the bag you hold, and how much time you dedicate to perfecting the strongest brow to take you through your day. The natural collaboration for this Culture Cloud had to be with Benefit. Benefit, like Lulu Guinness, is all about empowering yourself, not taking life too seriously and having a lot of fun along the way. Plus, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to continue working with the brand that holds the Guinness World Record for “most eyebrow waxes in eight hours by a team.” Started in 1975 by twins Jean & Jane in a tiny San-Fran based store, they started with modest ambitions but the brand grew and grew, leapfrogging over to the UK in ’97. Benefit is now is a staple beauty brand - you’ll probably have a Benetint in your make-up bag, along with half the population. They offer staple products which stand the test of time, a little bit like your classic Lulu bag. We’ve worked with Benefit for several years, and they have similar values to us as a brand; it’s not about changing yourself, but about putting your war paint on, grabbing the bag that makes you walk a little taller, and having that confidence boost to take on the world. We’ll be talking brows in our Culture Cloud event with the authority of Benefit’s expert artists, showing you how to achieve the ultimate arch and get an Instagram-ready look to express your inner diva. Don’t forget to sign-up to our newsletter to find out more.