Lulu Guinness

  • We sat down with Lisa Potter Dixon, Head Makeup Artist & resident Brow Expert at Benefit, to talk about her tips, tricks, favourite products and her most expressive feature.
    Lisa joined Benefit in 2007, and alongside being a beauty expert for the brand, she creates looks for the latest runway shows and celebrities, as well as featuring on Television & YouTube, sharing her wealth of knowledge. Dive into the mind of Lisa with our Q&A.
    What is your most expressive feature? Definitely my eyebrows! They have a life of their own - it's very easy to tell what mood I'm in by the movement of my brows. Where do you find your inspiration for different looks?I find inspiration in so many places. From magazines, Pinterest, art galleries and films, to people walking down the street and even through nature. There's nothing like a good David Attenborough documentary for inspiration when it comes to vibrant colour. If you could give one tip to everyone to improve their make-up technique what would it be?Get your brows waxed and tinted every 4 weeks. Seriously, a well-groomed brow makes such a difference. It makes you look more awake and younger instantly, as well as giving your face more structure.
  • What is your must-have beauty product?I'm obsessed with They’re Real! blue mascara. I literally love it. It makes your eyes look brighter and whiter. A great product for hiding tired eyes. What beauty product would you ban?I don't think I'd ban any. Make up is a form of expressing yourself and it's all personal preference. I wouldn't want to ban something that I don't like, because it may be someone else's ride or die makeup product.  What are three things you always carry in your bag on-the-go? My wallet, my phone and a lipstick. A bit of lippie can change your whole look.
  • Your favourite Lulu Guinness bag of the season?Oh my goodness it's SO hard to just choose one! I've always been obsessed with the classic Lips Clutch bag. I feel like it's the perfect makeup artist accessory. Especially in the Swarovski crystal version - I actually created a make-up look based on that bag! But I also love the Joanna Backpack. It's so sleek & I carry a backpack most days. If someone wanted to become a make-up artist, what would be your best advice for them?Practice, practice, practice. You never stop learning and make-up is ever evolving, so practicing and playing around with products is key. Not just on your own face, as that's much easier, but experiment on different skin types, tones and ages. This is definitely the best way to learn.  Quote/motto you live by?Always believe in yourself because if you don't, no one will. Oooh and treat every day like your birthday! Life's all about having fun!