Lulu Guinness

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Focus should be on feeling fit and healthy and achieving that through being strong and eating well. How you eat directly affects how you are feeling.

If you focus on feeling well and getting fit, weight loss and everything else will fall into place. Here’s a brief overview of my nutrition tips and tricks below:

  • 1. IN PRAISE OF PROTEIN A lot of people want to tone without bulking up, but in reality you can’t tone without putting on muscle. To build muscle you need protein. Each meal you eat should have protein and meat (including breakfast) with each protein portion around the size of the palm of your hand.

    Although things like salad and couscous seem like healthy choices for people, they don’t have any protein on their own, so won’t benefit you post workout.
    It’s also important to eat within 25 mins of your workout - make sure you eat something first and refuel after.

    Top foods for protein intake include:
    Fish, Chicken, Steak, Lamb (although slightly fatty), Quinoa, Beans, Eggs

  • 2. LOVE THE RIGHT CARBS It’s a misconception that all carbs are bad. Of course it’s advisable to cut out white carbs, e.g. white sugar, bread, potatoes, pasta, and rice – often known as the five evil devils. The best carbs to add to your diet are whole grain or whole wheat products that are as close to the natural state that they came out of the ground.

    3. GIVE YOURSELF GOALS When people head to the gym they rarely form a plan. Think about what you eat and how you are exercising as you would a business: with a strategy for success.
    If you want to try and eat healthier, don’t go overboard and eliminate too much from your diet.

    4. MAP OUT MEALS For a rough meal plan, think about the fact there’s seven days in a week, and you have three meals a day, so that’s 21 meals in a week to think about. Make three of those meals whatever you want within reason - it’s important to stay happy and include those foods you like still! One meal won’t make you fat, just as one meal won't make you skinny.

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