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The optimum amount of sleep necessary to refuel is 8 hours, with as many of those hours preferably before midnight. There’s a saying that one hour before midnight is worth two after midnight.

When combined with poor sleep, stressed people were about half as likely to be successful at weight loss as their less stressed counterparts who got between six and eight hours of sleep.

Check out my sleep guidelines below:

  • A POSITIVE CATCH-22 While it helps to get enough sleep to improve your exercise regime, in turn exercising can directly improve your sleep quality and stress levels by regulating cortisol levels.
  • EMBRACE YOUR ZEN Keep stress levels low and aid sleep by taking ten minutes or so to meditate and focus on slow therapeutic breathing. It’s physiologically proven to lower stress hormones.
  • TURN IT OFF Blue lights emitted from iPhones and TV affect your alpha brain waves and disrupt your sleep. Get an interrupted blissful night’s sleep by minimising the use of electronics before bed. On newer iPhones there is an option to switch to a dimmer light.
  • SAY NO TO THAT NIGHTCAP People tend to use alcohol as a relaxant to help them to sleep, but what some people may not know is that it disrupts your sleep.
    This leads to a vicious cycle of drinking to relax and then waking up stressed and unrested, and the cycle repeating.

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