Lulu Guinness

Wellness is not just a measure of general fitness, but also a number of emotional and physiological functions, including - but not limited to - the following:

Don't get bogged down with how much you weigh when it comes to assessing your fitness or wellness. We recommend asking yourself a series of questions to truly figure out where you lie on the wellness spectrum:

1. Are you happy?
2. Do you like your job?
3. How are your interpersonal relationships?
4. How hydrated are you?
5. Do you have good skin?
6. What’s your posture like?

For a long time wellness wasn’t the phenomenon it is today, and people were neglecting their wellbeing. But as the saying goes, "If you haven’t got your health, you really haven’t got anything else."

  • LOVE YOUR HEALTH It’s so important to really value your health – exercise is proven to help combat depression, it increases fertility, helps sleeping patterns, and increases energy.
  • BE A CLASS ACT Class Pass is a fantastic and relatively low cost way to access a broad selection of classes and get a feel for what you like. If using gym machines isn’t your vibe this is the perfect way to get your daily workout. There are plenty of multiple class models similar to this that offer variety.
  • TWO’S COMPANY Go with a friend to keep motivated – you’ll be pushed more to attend classes if you know your pal is going and you’ll spur each other on in the class.
  • ON YOUR BIKE One of the most underutilised and available methods of exercise is the Santander bikes scattered around London. It’s just £90 for a year’s use of the bikes. If you only live 20 minutes bike ride away from work, that’s 40 minutes cardio there and back.

Image credits: Scott Dunlap – Thomas Van Der Zaag – Tom Hancocks – Behance - Mikkel jul Hvilshøj – Zericiphone PICDIT – Harry Jameson