Lulu Guinness

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Lulu’s Love Of Line Drawing

Lulu has had a love of line drawing for longer than the Lulu Guinness brand has been alive. Hailing back to her days of Art Foundation, she is hugely influenced by old and new talent in the art world.

Upon setting eyes on Jonathan Calugi’s work, Lulu became captivated and tracked down more of his linear work, eventually leading to our collaboration for AW17. Lulu says that Calugi is the first person to draw in a way she’d love to be able to draw to fully express her creativity.

Lulu's influences of Mondrian, Picasso and Matisse have not only tended towards their use of colour but their individual periods of using minimal lines and graphic shapes.

We looked back through our archives to find some of our favourite line-drawing-inspired pieces, all developed from Lulu’s sketches: