Lulu Guinness

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Modern Day Icons

How to dress
like a Modern Day Icon.

Red Rubber Lips Clutch
Pucker up and smile on every outing with the playful and tongue-in-cheek Red Rubber Lips Clutch. Sure to keep your friends both jealous and amused, the latest lips clutch is the perfect compliment to any outfit.

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Crosshatched Marcie and Large Zoe
Trust in our cross-body bags to help do the talking for you in a business meeting. Our structured and sophisticated shoulder-strap accessories are sharp enough for the office, but also relaxed enough for days that turn into nights..

Cut Out Spot Mini Daphne
If philanthropy is your thing, you’ll know the importance of keeping things simple. The mini Daphne is a handy hassle-free way to carry your essentials around on those days full of plans, but will als ensure you stay stylish.

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Small Light Magenta Rita
The unusually shaped and charming Rita is an original new shape for SS16. Featuring an almost hexagonal body shape, this handbag is deceptively deep while also appearing petite. The angular front flap is incredibly eye-catching; there is really no other like her.

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Dora Face Ettie Clutch
The ultimate in artistic bags, the Ettie is an abstract and minimalist dream featuring the Dora Face - a design based on Pablo Picasso’s lover Dora Maar. Two eternal Lulu Guinness icons feature on the sleek black perspex clutch (which is framed by antique gold to match its chainlink gold strap) - the all-seeing-eye and a pouting lip.

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