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Modern Day Icons


Defintion: “Having or revealing natural creative skill.”


We ask two creative beauties about their artistic processes, including Thai illustrator Pomme Chan,
and chat to performance artist Diana Chire in our feature video.

Modern Day Icons Modern Day Icons

Pomme CHAN

Pomme Chan

Pomme Chan was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, before moving to London in 2002 to study graphic design and communications at London College of Communication. Since 2004, she has been working as an illustrator and credits nature, architecture, and travelling as the inspiration for her hand-drawn illustrations.

Pomme moved back to Thailand in 2014 to launch her latest business venture, as co-founder of AM/PM agency - the first illustrations agency in Thailand. She also runs a lifestyle brand called What If, which focuses on home decor products. Here she tells us what fuels her life...

What does it mean to be a modern day icon?
I guess it’s about being true to who you are.


What do you admire most about yourself?
My ability to be happy and solve problems everyday even when some days are tougher than others.


What’s your greatest achievement?
Being able to do what I love for more than 10 years. Start-up is easy - sustaining your business is the hard part.

What’s your favourite quote?
Do one thing at a time and do it great.


Who is your style icon?
All the working women who can balance work and life.


Where is your favourite place to go in Thailand?
The Jam Factory in Bangkok - love the space, the food, the arts and the atmosphere.


Riya Hollings

Mix together the skills of a photographer, the vision of an artist, the panache of a stylist and you get the utterly unique Riya Hollings. Her name can be seen as a footnote in some of recent times most artistic and intriguing shoots, and she has been credited with styling Bip Ling, Jamie XX and Iggy Azelia to name a few. Art becomes life in her images, which take broad inspiration from films and classic photographs, and its projects such as ‘Boogie Nights’ and ‘Venice Sunset’ where her artistic vision flourishes. Some of her shots wouldn’t look out of place in a Tarantino movie.

The multi-talented Leeds graduate also runs Love Your Life Agency, an alternative street casting agency for models with unusual talents, that provides a creative platform to enable women to reveal themselves in a unique way. She describes it as a ‘raw, natural and honest expression with no reservations’, with her creative and artistic girl gang possessing “outright examples of genuine personality” and ultimately “showing what’s inside the real mind of the modern day unconventional woman.” We quizzed her about photography, being a female and threw in some fashion questions for good measure. She is a super stylist after all…

How would you describe a Modern Day Icon?
Someone who is inspiring, powerful, fearless and talented at the same time.

What is the greatest decision you’ve ever made?
Moving to London.

What is the source of your inspiration?
Mostly films, the news, vintage fashion magazines, and people I meet and places I travel to. Generally I find the universe presents a lot of inspiration in just day-to-day life and experiences... I find this is the most interesting method to follow.

What do you dream about most?
Being able to fly or living under the sea as a mermaid swimming with sharks and other strange sea creatures. Sometimes I like to save the world from crazy aliens in an Alabama Worley-like character too.

What makes women so amazing in your opinion?
I have always been fascinated by the female form and intrigued by strong and independent women, so much so, I decided to start my own agency Love Your Life to celebrate these characters I meet in life. I love empowered females who love their lives, themselves, and are comfortable and confident in their own skin. This is the sexiest type of woman!

What do you think you would be doing had you not pursued your current career?
Working in McDonalds.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
To read a book called The Secret.

Is there a particular motto you live life by?
'Trust in the universe' and 'love your life' (that's two but both great).

What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?
Doing everything that I have achieved so far in life totally on my own. Obviously people help you get to where you are along the way and that’s not to be forgotten, but predominantly everything has come from self-discipline determination and drive.


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Image credits:; Riya Hollings