March 18, 2017

Behind The Lips: Emily & Aine, Ecommerce


Describe your job in 5 words?

E (left): Translating Lulu’s offline message online. A (right): Making people happy every day... on some days a few other emotions too!  

How did you end up working in Ecommerce?

E: After completing a Fine Art degree with a strong focus on professional practice and creativity in ‘the digital age’, I was offered an internship, and thereafter full-time role overseeing all marketing activity, at an online start-up selling handcrafted, high-end fashion and lifestyle accessories. From there, I moved to Lulu Guinness, starting off as Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Executive before being promoted to Junior Ecommerce Manager. A: After interning in creative roles and graduating from my Fashion Business and Promotion degree it sparked my ambition for all things digital. With a background in retail offering customer service which is friendly, helpful and confidently giving advice on the latest trends, I felt like this was perfect entry level role for me.  

What is the best thing about working at Lulu Guinness?

E: No two days are the same and the exposure to so many different parts of the business is always insightful. The surprise Friday Feasts are pretty good too! A: The people. We all hold very similar values to the company, which was one of the first things I noticed. Lulu's 'Dare to be different' motto is no exception for Lulu’s staff and it's nice to work for company that is so accepting of one another.  

What is your favourite bag from the SS17 collection and why?

E: The Doll Face Marcie! Being half French, I tend to stick to a neutral palette when it comes to my wardrobe (mainly black!) but Lulu’s iconic Doll Face is guaranteed to add that pop of ‘je ne sais quoi’. Plus, the cross body trend is here to stay. I have far too many but they each do a different job so are all completely justified… A: My favourite bag from this season is the Rose Lip Lady Olivia Clutch because it is that perfect combination of smart and quirky, much like my personal style. Olivia-polaroidMarcie-polaroid

What piece of advice would you pass onto someone looking at a career in Ecommerce?

E: Be curious, you need a very versatile profile to work in Ecommerce. A: Don't give up! It's a tough industry with a lot of people going for the same job, if you want it enough you'll make it happen. Believe in yourself.  

What is your favourite thing to do out of the office?

E: I’ve recently picked up painting again, but much of my spare time in the last few months has been spent training for the London Marathon which I am running on 23rd April 2017 in support of Alzheimer’s Research UK. You can follow my journey here. A: In my spare time I create blog posts for which I originally used to report my love for fashion and later developed in to a documentation of my day-to-day life and ever-growing obsession with beauty. I also go to Zumba twice a week, it's a great way to de-stress and in the famous words of Taylor Swift 'Shake it off'. LIP-1 < Back to the Behind The Lips Hub