March 29, 2017

Behind The Lips: Helena, International


Describe your job in 5 words?

Lulu taking over the world.  

How did you end up working in International Business Development?

I was managing licensing partners for the brand and at the time a major partner of ours was based in Japan. I wanted to work more with international markets; launching and developing brands in new territories and was offered the opportunity to manage international business at Lulu Guinness. The timing happened to be perfect as we were just about to launch the brand in China and Taiwan.  

What is the best thing about working at Lulu Guinness?

The brand has such a strong, iconic, British identity, which makes it ideal for breaking into new markets that are hungry for UK brands. I’m lucky I have the opportunity to travel with my job as I love working with and meeting so many people from different cultures and backgrounds.  

What is your favourite bag from the SS17 collection and why?

Can I choose 2? Small Joan in Chalk – it is chic, elegant and the perfect match for my style, which always nods towards the 40s / 50s / 60s. Olivia Wink Clutch – this a perfect example of the creative thinking behind the brand that continuously makes people “expect the unexpected” with elements of humour and playfulness thrown in at the same time. Small-Joan-polaroidOlivia-Clutch-polaroid

What piece of advice would you pass onto someone looking at a career in Business Development?

Grab opportunities offered to you with open arms and always try to be the best version of yourself as you never know where you’ll end up and who you will meet along the way.  

What is your favourite thing to do out of the office?

Dancing – I’m part of a jazz / swing dance performance troupe. It’s a great social activity and it means I get to exercise without having to go to the gym – bonus! I also love travelling! LIP-1 < Back to the Behind The Lips Hub