November 25, 2016

Festive Lulu How Tos: Design Your Own Decorations

This week, we create one-of-a-kind Christmas tree decorations and memorable stocking fillers.



Our beautiful make-your-own baubles are not only easy on the eye, they also function as an excellent extra treat on Christmas Day. All you need are some clear and fillable baubles and some black ribbon, along with some of our smaller items, including our limited edition Vaseline tin and our petite and perfect pins.

For the Vaseline tin bauble, simply pop the Vaseline tin in. For the pin features, cut a piece of plastic film to the shape of the bauble and attach the pins to it. Place the film with the pins attached in the centre of the clear bauble and close.


fullsizerender-3 Don't just settle for humdrum crackers, create your own Lulu themed xmas decorations. All you need are black and white monochrome DIY crackers, some holly and berry confetti, some haberdashery black and white twine, and some little red lip adornments.



First, make up your cracker, including the confetti inside for an added festive surprise. Alternatively, you can pop in sweet treats or little presents. Next, using the twine, secure the two cracker ends. Don't tie too tightly to the cracker might not work.



After you've wrapped your twine around the points on the cracker, use either stickers or a red pen to adorn the ends of the party piece. And as if by magic you have a Lulu-fyed festive party favour.