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Behind the Bag: The Black Lyra

Today we’re going  ‘Behind The Bag’ with one of the chicest AW16 creations. Exclusive to Lulu Loves, we divulge in the precise detailing of our Medium Lyra to give you a little extra…


A luxurious grainy leather bag for all occasions, the Lyra is the one to wear this season with jumbo piping hinting subtle tones of Classic Red, a colour featured throughout this season.

Lyra 2

The structure creates sharp, straight lines that brags a clean cut feel.  Accentuating the stitching around the lip appliqué, the padding provides this same structure to the Lulu trademark lips.Lyra 4

Taking a look inside, black and white stripes line the inside with a continuum of the red detailing across the zipper, a bag as elegant on the inside as out.

Lyra 3

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