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Weekend 101

Weekend 101: Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick


Remember Lolita, The Shining and A Clockwork Orange like never before this weekend at the exclusive exhibition: Daydreaming With Stanley Kubrick.

Somerset House pays homage to Kubrick with 45 artists who had been heavily influenced by the American producer, showcasing their interpretations of his somewhat controversial yet fascinating films.

Curated by James Lavelle and James Putnam, the exhibition is open until the 24th August. Located in the West Wing, the maze style layout creates a suspense found throughout Kubrick’s productions, making every corner turned an artistic surprise.


From the infamous carpet in The Shining to the striking eyelashes of Alex DeLarge, the range of artwork reaches both ends of the surrealist spectrum, with little explanation leaving plenty to the imagination.


Through the use of sculpture, music, graphic design and filmmaking, this exhibition differs from the framed wall pieces usually found in Somerset House so head on down this weekend to reignite that nostalgia for Kubrick, this is not something to be missed.

Click here for more information on the exhibition and ticket prices.

All pictures courtesy of Somerset House.