Lulu Loves

Lulu Loves

LULU LOVES…Chelsea in Bloom

A spell has been cast on the Ellis Street store as bewitched buds and flowers, in our signature SS15 Milan Weave print colours of yellow, pink and blue, come to life and wind around the windows to create an enchanting mirror glimpsing into another world.


Within the floral framed magical reflection the classic fairytale heroine and original red-lipstick fanatic, Snow White, is lured into temptation by the captivating Lulu Guinness red lips clutch. Happily ever after guaranteed.


Lovingly crafted by Wild Wood London, who are in partnership with Lulu for our next Culture Cloud event focused on the Art in Floristry, our enchanted mirror can be viewed until the end of week as part of Chelsea in Bloom during the Chelsea Flower Show.


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