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Culture Cloud Inspired Lulu Guinness Chocolate Dessert

In celebration of our chocolate themed Culture Cloud in collaboration with Hotel Chocolat, London based freelance cook and up and coming food stylist Iona Blackshaw created a Lulu Guinness themed white chocolate, cranberry and macadamia rocky road.

Treat yourself and make this delectable dessert by following the recipe below…




400g white chocolate

100g ginger biscuits

75g macadamia nuts

75g mini marshmallows

100g dried cranberries



Line a 20cm square baking tray with cling film.

Break chocolate into chunks and melt over a bain-marie, or in 20 second bursts in the microwave, stirring regularly to avoid burning. Meanwhile break the biscuits into a large bowl and add the marshmallows, macadamia nuts and cranberries.

Poor over the melted chocolate and stir gently until all the dry ingredients are coated evenly.

Press the mix into the prepared baking tray.

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, lift out of the tray, carefully slice into squares and enjoy!


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