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Things to do, things to see…Grayson Perry ‘Who you are’

Hidden amongst the prestigious paintings at the National Portrait Gallery, it’s hard to miss Grayson Perry’s ‘Who You Are’ exhibition with its unusual collection of paintings, vases and tapestries. Perry’s works represent a snapshot of people’s lives focusing on individuals, families and groups whose identity’s have been challenged by modern day society.
GP410_Comfort Blanket_2014 a
It’s everything you’d expect (and more!) from the fabulous and flamboyant artist and free to visit, so there are no excuses! For more information click here. LGHQx
GP409_The Line of Depature_2014 a

‘Comfort Blanket’ and ‘The Line of Departure’, 2014 Courtesy the Artist, Victoria Miro, London and Paragon | Contemporary Editions Ltd | © Grayson Perry