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Weekend 101

Valentine’s Day 101… Love Hz at Lights of Soho

Have you ever walked into a room and had someone light up as soon as they saw you? Romantic right.

Well now you can have that feeling a dozen times over at Lights Of Soho’s latest show, Love Hz – an unapologetic light art homage to Valentine’s Day and that warm, fuzzy feeling.


Don’t be fooled by the show’s name however. This exhibition will be far from painful, as dozens of soft and warm love-induced lights bring the gallery (also our SS16 press day venue) alive.

Described as featuring an explosion of neon hearts and including tunnels of love with a cheeky nod to Soho’s infamous seedy past, the exhibition will feature hypnotic artworks from some of Lights of Soho favorites including Lauren Baker, Sara Pope and Diana Chire.


Curator Hamish Jenkinson said: “Deep down, Soho is all about falling in love,” states curator Hamish Jenkinson. “Now – you can do so in our tunnels of love! It’s exciting to channel Soho’s passion and cheekiness this Valentine’s Day and we can’t wait to welcome all the lovers in.”


Love Hz is showing from today at the Brewer Street venue until Valentine’s Day, February 14.