The Geranium Flower Pot

Lulu Loves Geraniums!

Introducing the latest flower pot in the Lulu collection - the Geranium Flower Pot

“We created a new addition to the iconic Lulu Guinness flower baskets with a spring edition of a terracotta flower pot-inspired bag”, says Head of Design, Elena Blank. “It’s such a fun piece to carry. You cannot fail to raise a smile with it!”​

This playful piece is part of our ‘Gardening is Good for the Soul to be Free’ collection. “Lulu was inspired by the benefits she experienced while tending to a flower patch at the Folly”, shares Elena, “and added the ‘to be Free’ part to emphasise on the creative freedom of expression in tune with a deep connection and appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.”
As for the bright red Geranium flowers, they symbolise happiness, good health, and friendship.​

Geraniums are also a favourite flower of Lulu’s. “I love their fragrance and the meaning attached to them”, says Lulu. “I discovered a beautifully blossoming plant at a local garden centre where I live in Stroud and it was so cheerful - just perfect as it was!” The final piece of inspiration? “The shape of the Geranium blooms was inspired by a beautiful couture piece from my wardrobe!” Where fashion and nature align!

So how is this statement clutch made? The Geranium Flower Pot bag follows the silhouette of our iconic Rose Basket. |The main material of this piece is linen in a rich, warm earthy shade, reminiscent of terracotta pots”, says Elena. “Then the lid features a cluster of two-tone red Geraniums in sumptuous velvet with embroidered felt leaves to complete the look.”

As is always the case with a Lulu bag, it’s all in the detailing. As Elena explains: “The ‘Lulu Guinness’ embroidery on the lid in Lulu’s own handwriting is inspired by the chalk labelling seen on terracotta pots you find in garden centres. The bag is lined with green cotton twill and features the ‘Gardening is Good for The Soul to be Free’ caption inside, embroidered in a thick yarn inspired by Lulu’s original ‘Pear Espalier’ embroidery work.”

We hope you embrace the opportunity to spend time outdoors this Spring/Summer and enjoy the flowers all around us. And, of course, you can always carry our new floral handbag to channel the feel-good energy of flowers all year round!​