Life’s A Bag Of Roses

Life’s A Bag Of Roses

As one of her most famous creations is re-issued, learn all about Lulu’s Collectible Rose Basket bag and new rose-inspired creations.

What if you could carry a vase of flowers around to bring you joy all day? Lulu designed her ‘Florist Basket’ Collectible back in 1993 inspired by this very idea. The iconic handbag is now housed in the Permanent exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

It is also now being reissued, so that you too can carry around a piece of design history. And get a sniff of that all important joy factor.

"Roses were my favorite thing," says Lulu. "And I remember thinking one day, it'd be so great if you could carry a vase of roses around with you all the time."
With life size velvety red roses bunched in a black satin pail and a slender satin handle, the bag’s construction is quintessential Lulu at her tongue-in-cheek best. The Rose Basket is an artful thing of beauty to carry, or to treasure and display like an objet d’art.

Writing for Vanity Fair, Laura Jacobs summed up the bag’s unique appeal as: “Not status-y but deeply desirable, poetically rich. It spoke of courtly love and cultivated gardens. It was a covetable objet, a symbol that could float through a party like something in a séance, sit on a table as if painted there by Magritte.”
Continuing the rose motif’s legacy, this season sees the introduction of a rose-adorned Bibi, boasting the same velvety 3D flowers scattered all over the Acrylic-handled tote – available in Lulu Red and Black. Then there’s the new vintage-style frame bag Rosie adorned with a chunky gold strap to give it a modern edge.

Like the message stitched inside this capsule of pieces goes, life really is a bag of roses!


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