Lulu Loves - Nina Shenkman

Introducing Nina Shenkman, a vibrant force in the fashion world whose love for colour and fearless self-expression make her the perfect fit for Lulu Guinness’s bridal campaign.


At Lulu, we celebrate individuality, understanding that each bride is wonderfully unique. From unconventional wedding attire to personalised styling choices, our bags cater to every bride's distinct journey down the aisle.


Join us as we delve into Nina's colourful world, uncovering her wedding tips, bag styling secrets, and personal style, all while embracing the diverse paths to "I do" that Lulu bags accompany with flair. With Lulu, your bag is not just for the big day, but a cherished treasure for all the days beyond.


Q: What do you love about Lulu Guinness bags?
A: I love Lily Guinness for its witty, playful designs. I love the colour, I love the completely unique shapes and motifs. It's just doing something no one else is doing.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: I would describe my style as quite playful, colourful and maximal. When it comes to choosing handbags. I like buying things that match that by pulling the colours from a handbag into an outfit. Or, where there isn't a colour per se, but say the wonderful metallic in the bag, I’d pair with metallic shoes and then bring colour through the dress.

Q: What bag styling tips can you offer?
A: Don't try and make it match your outfit perfectly. The joy of styling is in the imperfections, pull details from your dress that will speak to the handbag and vice versa. But don't over style and have fun!

Q: What does a bag bring to your outfit?
A: Well, it's just another opportunity to dress up an outfit with an unexpected element. Add some extra colour, some texture. You could be wearing a plain white T-shirt and jeans and you're holding a Lulu Guinness bag and suddenly you look like a million dollars.

Q: Your own wedding dress being featured in this campaign is such a unique touch. Can you tell us the story behind your dress?
A: I love colour and couldn't imagine getting married in white. So when I was thinking about what colour I thought how about the colours of love, pink and red and managed to find a fabric which actually had love hearts on it. So that immediately was the choice. And then the feathers. My husband and I call each other duck, so they felt like an obvious choice!


 Q: What one piece of advice would you give any soon to be brides?
A: Take a moment for yourself, or a few moments. Go with your partner and take 5 minutes just to soak it all in. Absorb what's happening. Otherwise it just goes by in such a flash.

Q: Looking back on your own wedding day, what was the most memorable moment for you?
A: One of my favourite moments from our wedding was our band played one of my favourite songs in the world as a surprise for the opening song and it was just the most special moment which I'll never forget.

Q: What advice would you give to brides to ensure they cherish every moment of their special day?
A: Don't take it too seriously. Just let go. Enjoy it. The day will unfold how it was meant to.




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