The Living Rose Basket

The Living Rose Basket

Ready to exhibit at Chelsea Flower Show, Lulu has created a special, sustainable rose basket

Lulu’s passion for nature and the outdoors is well known. It’s why she created an entire Summer collection devoted to gardening and its health and wellbeing benefits.

Now she’s turned her creative eye to an organic twist on her iconic Rose Basket bag. So famous that it now resides in the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her idea back then, in 1993 when the design launched, was that it was such a shame when you received flowers you weren’t able to enjoy them because you’d be out of the house all day.

With The Living Rose Basket, problem solved! “Roses were my favourite thing”, explained Lulu. “And I have always wished I could carry my vase of roses around with me and smell the sublime scent they gave off.”

Fast forward 30 years and we celebrate the re-edition of her iconic design with the artistic and inventive flare Lulu is known for. The original black satin basket and silk flowers have been updated into a modern, fully sustainable willow basket, which can now hold fresh cut flowers from the garden.

This ‘Living Rose Basket’ is a more literal edition than its material predecessors. The exquisitely crafted basket is handmade by UK-based Hopewood Baskets from sustainably sourced willow. It is designed to be strewn with freshly cut fragrant roses, allowing for a sensory experience. In this bag Lulu has fulfilled her 1990s ambition and what better place to launch it than the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show.

We have collaborated with The Real Flower Company to bring The Living Rose Basket to life. The Real Flower Company is all about luxury bouquets created from exquisitely scented roses, grown on their own English and Fairtrade sustainable farms.

Since 1995 founding director, Rosebie Morton has grown scented garden roses and the team at The Real Flower Company has stayed true to its mission to bring exquisitely scented natural roses back into the floristry and cut flower market.

The Living Rose Basket will be debuted exclusively at The Chelsea Flower Show in May, where Lulu will be presenting “Lulu’s Potting Shed”. We hope to see you there!