The Lulu Holiday Packing Guide

From weekend jaunts to beach retreats, here’s everything you need to travel in style

Time to start planning those summer trips and what better way to get excited than to start planning what you’re going to pack. We can help with that! Lulu has always been a passionate traveller so puts a lot of thought into the signature travel collection, making sure all the finer details are covered.

As for tips, start your preparations early so there’s enough time to pick up any last minute bits and wash everything you’re taking. Lulu swears by packing outfits, that she hangs on a rail ahead of her trip. It’s a great way to avoid overpacking and takes the guess work out of outfit planning once you’re there. Remember, less is more. Opt for items that can have a dual purpose, like a scarf that can double as a sarong or an ‘everything’ bag that could be used as your cabin and beach bag. Final tip? Use packing cubes: they're the best way to keep everything organised and can be put straight in the drawers when you get to your destination!

Now, discover our packing edits for every kind of trip. Bon voyage!

Beach Retreat

Heading to the beach? Lucky you! Pack these and you’ll be shore-ready in no time.

Black Luggage Belt | Quilted Double Make Up Bag | Quilted Lips Crescent Wash Bag | Navy Fern Frenzy Freida Mesh Tote | Cozy Travel Set | Lulu Red Vanity Case

- For long flights pack a cosy travel kit with socks and blanket
- A chic ‘everything’ bag that takes you from the plane to the beach. We love our Freida Mesh Tote
- Playful pouches for your essentials
- Master the art of the chic embarkment by carrying our styling Vanity Case on board ready to refresh on your flight!

    Weekend away

    Whether it’s a spa break or country retreat, our weekend away kit is perfect for short, chic breaks!

    Large Rose Print Poppins Bag | Quilted Lip Brooke Crossbody Bag | Hand drawn Lip Umbrella

    - English Rose? Our rose-print Poppins tote is whimsically stylish and roomy enough for a two-day trip
    - Your Brooke crossbody is the perfect travel companion. She’s practical for day (and even fits a book) and then when night falls, shorten the strap and voila! An evening bag!

      City break

      Sightseeing and dashing about town, here’s everything you need when you’re exploring a city.

      I Love London Top Zip Pouch | LG & Lip Print Sadie Backpack | Chalk Lips Natasha Trainer | Lips Trainer Sock | Lulu Red Spinner Case

      - City breaks mean seeing the sights, which means lots of walking. Make sure to pack our Natasha trainers for style and comfort
      - Don’t forget the comfy socks!
      - Our London-inspired pouch is a playful way to store your tickets and maps
      - Dashing about town? You’ll be grateful for a hands-free, easy backpack
      - Pop of colour on the plane? Carry on our signature Lulu Red Spinner case.


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